Safety Advisor

Safety Advisor

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The primary objective of KSTS is to support your Company, manage and improve your safety management system as a part time Safety Officer and to coordinate and where relevant deliver your safety training in order that your organisation is up to date and conforming to all the relevant safety legislation.

Our Safety Advisor support will:

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organisational safety statement.
  • Management and control of all your safety management system.
  • Design and review your Safety statement.
  • Review and monitor the common hazards (manual handling, Safety Induction, chemicals, fire, accidents, Bullying and Harassment etc.)
  • Identify the core contents, arrangements, resources, roles and responsibilities required to manage health and safety.
  • Identify the necessary policies and administrative controls required to manage your health and safety risks.
  • Coordinate the completion of risk assessments on your work activities.
  • Identify common hazards and risks in the workplace.
  • Provide support on sources of guidance and advice on health and safety.
  • Investigation of accidents prepare reports.
  • Accident prevention awareness.
  • Manage safety meetings and drive improvements on matters of health and safety.
  • Management Training
  • Safety Planning
  • Carry out specific tasks as required

We are available to meet your requirements. For example, we can provide anything from one day
to several days on a specific task to providing anything from one day to several days on a
continuous basis to suit your needs.

Safety Advisor

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