Hot Works Training

Hot Works Training

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Course Aims:

  • The safety of all staff when using hot works.
  • The prevention or effective reaction to a fire.
  • Adequate fire extinguishers and maintenance.
  • Controlled Hot Work procedures.


Course Objectives:

  • Legislation on abrasive wheel and gas cutting & Welding.
  • Enable you to recognise different hot work processes.
  • Contribute to the fire risk assessment process.
  • Perform a visual safety check on gas cylinder, welders and cutting devices
  • Identify potential hot work hazards.
  • Understand, complete and issue a Hot Work Permit.
  • Prepare an area for hot works. (Practical Session if available).
  • Introduce safe hot work practices into your workplace.
  • Review contractor operations on site.


Course Duration:


Number of Delegates:

12 maximum per course


KSTS 3-year certification

Hot Works

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