Rescue from Tower Cranes

Rescue from Tower Cranes

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On or off site

Programme Duration:

1 Day

Programme Aim:

To teach workers the skills necessary to carry out the rescue of an injured/fallen worker from a Tower Crane.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course, participants will:

  • Understand the importance of a swift rescue response in the event of an accident on a Crane.
  • Be able to demonstrate ability to use a D Rope rescue kit, to lower a casualty to the ground, to rescue a casualty from a ladder, and carry out a rescue of a worker suspended on a lanyard.
  • Understand dangers of harness induced suspension trauma.
  • Understand the importance of casualty handling and management during the rescue phase, and post rescue.
  • The participant will also understand the need for regular practice of the skills learnt.

Training Method:

Theory session followed by clear demonstrations by instructor of skills in a practical environment, followed by practical exercises for participants.

Participant Profile:

Individuals whose work will require them to climb on Tower Cranes, or to respond to an incident on a crane.

Participant Numbers:

  • 6 per session.

Pre-course requirements:

Participants must hold a current Safe Pass.

Assessment Method:

Instructor question and answer sessions throughout training programme. Observation of correct safe practices. End of course question paper.


Participants receive a KSTS certificate which is valid for two years.

Training Facilities:

Tower Crane

Rescue from Tower Cranes


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